Smartwatch Band Fitness Tracker

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The Fitness Tracker is a high-quality material of Silica, Plastic. Its size is 43x18x12mm and its strap is 245x20x12.8mm. Its features are waterproof, Sleep Monitor, Larger Vision Message Reminder, timepiece and more. It helps you've got a far better idea of your sleep quality in the dark. Sleep goals are often set within the app to enhance your sleep habits.

Blood Pressure Measurement is keeping professional records of your workouts, fitness trackers will assist you to get a far better understanding of your movement and therefore the calories burnt through the day. Steps goals are often set in an app to motivate you to stay exercising and improve your daily movement.

Trackers Smart Bracelet allows you to match calories consumed to total calories burned, whether you are going for a jog or trying out a replacement camp class, it quantifies the intensity of your fitness activities using intensity minutes. With the features of pedometer and distance measure.


  • Material: Silica, Plastic
  • Size: 43x18x12mm
  • Strap: 245x20x12.8mm
  • Net weight: 28g
  • Color: Black, Red, Purple, Blue, Green